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Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy: Education for a Diverse and Multicultural Planet


A K-12 outreach project sponsored and published by Professor Hong-Ming Liang 梁弘明教授, NSR Student Editors and Writers, The Department of History and Politics of The College of St. Scholastica, and the scholarly Middle Ground Journal. See Masthead for our not-for-profit educational open- access policy. The Middle Ground Journal is housed at St. Scholastica and published by the Midwest World History Association. It is a nationally recognized scholarly journal. Please direct all inquiries to Professor Hong-Ming Liang at HLIANG@CSS.EDU

Over three hundred illustrated reports from around the world are available free of charge to teachers and students at http://NorthStarReports.org . More articles concerning our collective global and historical connections are added weekly. The North Star Reports articles are used by K-12 and undergraduate students as a part of a growing online learning community to promote the learning and to teaching about our historical and global connections. To participate or for more information, please contact Professor Hong-Ming Liang at HLIANG@CSS.EDU See also: http://www.facebook.com/NorthStarReports


Theory/Philosophy: What do we offer?

• An online, interactive, learning community sponsored by a nationally recognized scholarly journal and an accredited institution of higher learning. See the North Star Reports (NSR) sponsored by The Middle Ground Journal (MGJ) at: http://northstarreports.org
• A free and growing educational platform for organizing class projects. NSR reports are written by St. Scholastica students with global experiences. These college students will serve as academic role-models for partner high school and middle school students.
• A flexible, interactive educational platform.
• A point of access into the higher educational world – MGJ has editors and collaborators among different St. Scholastica academic departments.
• A connection with a global community of scholars.
• An ongoing, mutual, and interactive relationship with a scholarly journal and an institution of higher learning, with recognition for participating students and teachers.

Action: What is possible?

• Use of the North Star Reports (NSR) site.
• Organizing high school class assignments around NSR essays.
• Possibility of top essays by high/middle school students, edited by sponsoring high/middle school teachers, being shared on NSR.
• End of the year, on campus, event to showcase the work of all of the students and teachers, including CEU credits for teachers.
• HS teachers invited to submit essays on pedagogy based upon this relationship with The Middle Ground Journal.
• Site visits and/or Skype sessions by Professor Liang and other CSS/MGJ professors*.
• Site visits and/or Skype sessions by NSR student editors and/or writers*.

*because of schedule conflicts, we have found site visits and Skype sessions to be the most difficult to arrange, and therefore will do so sparingly and strategically.

FINAL NSR Student Flyer SML
North Star Reports (NSR) sponsored by The Middle Ground Journal (MGJ) Pilot Phase

Step One: Conversation

• Identify, with host teacher(s), published NSR essay(s) for host high school (HS)/middle school (MS) students to read.
• Modify and adjust steps below to cohere with host teacher’s objectives.

Step Two: Reading, Research, Questioning

• High School/Middle School students reading assigned NSR essay(s).
• Assignment may include prompts for HS/MS students to conduct additional web-based research.
• Assignment may include ways for HS/MS students to generate research-based questions.
• These questions may be collated by teachers, and/or entered directly by HS/MS students onto the NSR site.

Step Three: Interaction

• Professor Liang and/or NSR Student Editors may address questions on NSR site
• Or via email
• Or via Skype
• Or in person

Step Four: Participation

• Using NSR as model, drawing from the experience described above, invite HS/MS students to craft their own reports, edited and nominated by teachers for sharing on the NSR site.
• End of the year recognition for all participating teachers and students.
• Invitation to teachers to submit pedagogical essays for MGJ.


FINAL NSR Teacher Flyer SML



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