Food and the World – Bread and Community – by Tamer Mische-Richter. The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy, at and

Food and the World – Bread and Community – by Tamer Mische-Richter. The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy, at and


Crank the oven, flour the table, grab an apron. It’s time to make bread. Such a simple product that can turn complex the more you dive in, bread is universal in cultures around the world as a staple food. My family is a step closer to bread than most as my uncle is an artisan baker who has operated a bakery, Fred’s Bread, in both wholesale and retail operations. When need be, he would call upon my family members and I to help him out. He did the legwork and the community that surrounded his bakery received amazing fresh bread. However, the life of a baker takes a toll on a person, especially when you do not live above your bakery. Waking up when some college students are just going to sleep, the schedule of a bakers life revolves around the product. Add to that a driving commute and my uncle would be waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Helping hands were a necessity due to the unusual schedule and my first job was as a Sunday morning cleaner who would also prepare poolish, a type of premix for the next days bread. This could be considered a trade secret as the recipes were developed over time through experience. I was fortunate enough to be trusted with this hidden gem and have a hand in generating a community building loaf.

Although Fred’s Bread has closed its doors due to the immense time requirements, some knowledge of bread making has been passed to many people. I was lucky enough to learn one of the more vital parts of bread making, making the poolish. Because of this, a fresh loaf of bread can be smelled baking as a part of my Sunday morning routine. The nature of the bread that I bake is one that should be eaten within a couple days. I can not accomplish this task myself and offer much of the loaf to my roommates. My goal for the coming weeks is to bake at least one extra loaf a weekend to share with someone that does not live with me. I believe that bread is a community builder among societies and can tell stories by itself. I enjoy telling people the history behind how I learned and why I enjoy baking bread myself instead of purchasing a loaf during my grocery store visits.

From Professor Liang’s Fall 2019 Politics of Globalization class. Tamer is a student of Sustainability.

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