Meet Our NSR Student Editors — Jenna Algoo, Social Media Editor. The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy, at and

Meet Our NSR Student Editors — Jenna Algoo, Social Media Editor. The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy, at and


Hello! My name is Jenna Algoo. Growing up I lived in Shakopee, MN, but I recently moved to Minneapolis, MN. I am a senior attending the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth pursuing a double major in Biology and Global and Cultural Language Studies. I will be graduating in the spring of 2017. This will be my first year with the North Star Reports! My main reason for volunteering with fellow NSR editors (and to be reading NSR reports consistently) is to not only help myself but watch others grow as well. It is one of the smallest, and greatest joys in life to know that you can impact another person’s life, if even in the smallest ways. I really hope people will look to this page and at the very least open their minds to the never-ending possibilities of the world and to the thoughts of other people.

With my majors, I hope to attend medical school and eventually travel and practice medicine (hence the strange mixing of majors). A large part of my hopes and dreams in life is to understand people, in sickness and wellness, and to understand the world around me. In this way, the North Star Reports will help me grow. Seeing other people’s thoughts written out and keeping track of the news with the help of fellow editors is an incredible experience. Personally, on my free time I really enjoy playing piano, exercising, reading horror novels (mainly Stephen King, he rocks!), and keeping busy with almost anything I can find entertaining. I look forward to learning more in the years to come.

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The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy ( is a student edited and student authored open access publication centered around the themes of global and historical connections. Our abiding philosophy is that those of us who are fortunate enough to receive an education and to travel our planet are ethically bound to share our knowledge with those who cannot afford to do so. Therefore, creating virtual and actual communities of learning between college and K-12 classes are integral to our mission. In five semesters we have published 200 articles covering all habitable continents and a variety of topics ranging from history and politics, food and popular culture, to global inequities to complex identities. These articles are read by K-12 and college students. Our student editors and writers come from all parts of the campus, from Nursing to Biology, Physical Therapy to Business, and remarkably, many of our student editors and writers have long graduated from college. We also have writers and editors from other colleges and universities. In addition to our main site, we also curate a Facebook page dedicated to annotated news articles selected by our student editors ( This is done by an all volunteer staff. We have a frugal cash budget, and we donate much of our time and talent to this project. We are sponsored by St. Scholastica’s Department of History and Politics and by the scholarly Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies (

For a brief summary, please see the American Historical Association’s Perspectives on History, at:

Hong-Ming Liang, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, The North Star Reports; Chief Editor, The Middle Ground Journal; Associate Professor of History and Politics, The College of St. Scholastica.

Kathryn Marquis Hirsch, Managing Editor, The North Star Reports.

(c) 2012-present The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy ISSN: 2377-908X The NSR is sponsored and published by Professor Hong-Ming Liang, NSR Student Editors and Writers, The Department of History and Politics of The College of St. Scholastica, and the scholarly Middle Ground Journal. See Masthead for our not-for-profit educational open- access policy. K-12 teachers, if you are using these reports for your classes, please contact editor-in-chief Professor Liang at HLIANG (at)


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3 responses to “Meet Our NSR Student Editors — Jenna Algoo, Social Media Editor. The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy, at and

  1. Elisabeth Bergstedt

    Hello Jenna! How exciting for you to start this new adventure! I really like your choice in double major, it seems perfect for what you want to do in life! I also want to go into medicine and enjoy traveling and learning about new things all around the world. This new journey of yours is inspiring for me and to many others I bet! Good luck with everything!

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